Why Diet Programs Fail?

People are often lured into various diet programs that promise a bikini body in a specified time. But failure rate of such diet programs are high. Stats say about 95% of people who lose weight by dieting will regain it in 1-5 years. This experience can be quite frustrating. So what are the causes of failure of diet programs?

    Non Practical: What diet programs or experts sitting there design for you individually is quite impractical. For a short term you can look into your diet chart and eat the same food for few months or if you are too determined then lets say it, for few years. But you can not look into your diet chart all the time and eat same food again and again for a lifetime. We all exit in a fluid environment, not in some tightly designed chambers shunning all outside influences. So sooner or later you are going to chuck that diet chart designed by experts exclusively for you. And when you do that, you know you will gain all of your pounds back and with interest.
    Forbidden Foods: Dietitians often put certain foods out of bound. That immediately triggers carvings for such foods and people often end up feeling miserable while on a diet. Though taking away bacon, chips, sodas, chocolate cookies, ice creams, cakes, pastries and brownies are very effective way of losing weight. But its not sustainable over a period of time. Here the key is not to avoid your favorite food but restrict it to certain occasions and portions.
    Fat Never Burns: Yes, that’s true. You can never burn your fat cells. They will reside in your body all the time. When you exercise and diet, fat cells merely shrunk and empty their fat contents but they don’t go away. They lie there waiting for you to revert back to your original diet so they get filled up again and you are back to your original size! So all the more reasons to make a lifestyle changes than sign up for glamorous diet programs.

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Can Green Coffee Bean Extract Help Losing Weight?

People who want to lose weight are trying to fathom about the relationship between Green Coffee beans and weight loss. Many are pinning hope on this miraculous weight loss pill. Green coffee extract pills are weight loss supplement which promises to reduce your weight without dieting or exercising. Sounds too good to be true? Actually the answer lies in the womb of future.

Till now, the most recent study on green coffee bean extract published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal. They selected a group of 16 individuals who supplemented with green coffee bean extract for only 12 weeks.
After the completion of study period the subjects lost an average of 17 pounds each – this was 10.5% of their overall body weight and 16% of their overall body fat! The study also claimed that there were no side effects reported.

So what prompted such encouraging weight loss from the participants who were taking green coffee bean extract that too without dieting or exercising? Researchers are of the view that it’s not the caffeine. The scientists suggest that the beneficial effects of green coffee bean extract can be due to chlorogenic acid. When we roast coffee beans this chlorogenic acid is broken down during the process and gets destroyed. That’s why drinking coffee doesn’t result in weight loss.

Before you fell optimistic and want to order the green coffee beans, bear certain facts in mind. Till now the study was conducted on a small number of individuals for a short duration of time to know its exact effectiveness in losing weight. Side effects also take long period of time to appear. While you are ordering green coffee beans, read the label carefully as some have fillers and additives.

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Why We find Dieting Difficult

Why we find it hard to stick to our diet plans? The answer is simple, It takes time to cultivate a new habit. No one has it easy. Your parents have not fount it a cakewalk to make you learn to speak or eat or walk or learn alphabets. It took months or sometimes years and lots of patience, love and care on their part. Therefore when we start a diet plan, we have to act like our own parents and show patience and care with ourselves, not the roller coaster of guilt trips.

Another hurdle which we encounter while dieting is addiction. We get addicted to eating stuff what we were eating for our whole life. To change all this in a few days and not to feel withdrawal symptoms is expecting too much. We must set realistic goals for ourselves and don’t expect miracles within a week. Another thing to bear in mind is you are not going on a diet. That means you are supposed to discontinue dieting after certain time frame. You have to assume that you are making a lifestyle change that will be sticking with you for life.

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