Weight Loss Program : Progress or Perfection?

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Progress vs Perfection

When you opted for the weight loss program, what are your expectations? Here its very critical to keep track of your weight loss program. Think for a while and spell it out to your trainer or if you are doing it all by yourself, then to yourself. Give a thought, are you looking for progress or perfection? If you are looking for perfection, then you are going to be disappointed in short run as well as long run. Always opt for progress not for perfection when you are choosing your weight loss program.

Why you should opt for progress, while losing weight? There are many reasons:

First and foremost reason is, if you achieve your idea of perfection, you will lose interest in your weight loss program. It happens to many then we care to admit. People join structured weight loss programs. Achieve their perfection and become happy and satisfied. They revert back to their old habits and gain same weight what they have lost. This can be demoralizing and sometimes depressing too. You are back to square one. Now you have to start all over again. Don’t visit this lane.

When your expectation is perfect weight and perfect shape from your weight loss program, it will keep you focused on short term goals. You might concentrate on many unhealthy aspects of weight loss program. The biggest casualty will be your happiness and peace of mind. You won’t enjoy this phase of your life. You might tend to concentrate more on scales and less on making lifestyle changes. Instead of choosing perfection, go for progress. It will be long lasting and far reaching.

When I say, don’t choose perfection but progress, I mean, one should enjoy this important phase of life instead of running after elusive goals. If you believe in progress, you tend to notice the lightness in your steps after exercising. You will notice how toxins are being washed away from your body and how tension free you are feeling after workouts. But if you are looking for perfection, you will only look at scales and feel frustrated. You will miss these little milestones and won’t feel contended.

Instead of perfection, if you choose progress in your weight loss program, you will reap the following benefits:

Progress will make you think long term. When you are progressing in losing weight, you will find ways to sustain this progress. It will be a never ending process. You will pay attention to your diet and try to make it permanent as far as you can given the parameters of your circumstances. You will not stop after shedding extra weight. Because progress is sustainable, perfection is not. Progress is challenging and motivating, perfection wears you down. Progress is forward looking, perfection takes you back in the past. When you think of perfection, you think like, “Look, once I was…” or it leads to some wistful thinking, “Only if, I can….”

Perfection force you to make drastic changes, but progress can be gradual and peaceful. Progress can be taken one step at a time. But if you are thinking of perfection in your weight loss program, you won’t be sparing a thought to one step at a time or gradual changes.

If you are opting for progress in your weight loss program, you will find that its a never ending process. You have to observe your eating pattern and keep a watch on your work outs. You will keep a tab on your snacking habits. You will do your grocery shopping carefully. You will pay attentions to labels on your food packets. You will decide what ends up in your freezer every weekend, not just for few months.

While opting for your weight loss program, think carefully about your goals. Think of long term goals. Think about making lifestyle changes and make those changes permanent.

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Want to Lose Weight ? Start Planning


If you want to lose weight, start by planning. Never underestimate the value of planning. Its not for corporate people only. A good planning helps you form a realistic approach towards weight loss. Following are few steps you can take to plan your weight loss.

    Define your Goal:

First step of planning is to define your goal and define it in CONCRETE terms, not abstract term. Tell yourself in numeric term that how many stones or pounds you want to lose and in what time. When you have a weight loss goal in front of you, it will keep you motivated. Give your goals a number to avoid ambiguity. If you just write in your diary, I want to reduce weight, it won’t give you an idea how, when and doing what? Having an actual figure will get you going. But here is a word of caution. Set REALISTIC goals.

    Develop Strategy For Losing Weight :

When you want to lose weight, develop a practical and sound strategy. Decide what combination you are going to follow. Will it be Gym and cutting down on fat and sugar or will it be a combination of jogging and healthy food or something else. See to it that you are not taking too much objectives at the same time. Concentrate on two or three activities at a time.

    Implementation :

After goal setting and getting a strategy in place, go for implementation. How will you ensure fresh supply of healthy food. You have to chuck off unhealthy food from your list or at least reduce their quantity. If you have kids in house, you can’t stop the flow of fatty and sugary food at once. They will love their quota of fast food. So bear in mind, how will you avoid the temptation. Take a look at our schedule and see, what fits into exercise routines. Go and visit your physician and ask him what will be good for your body according to your age.

    Monitor And Evaluate Your Weight Loss Progress :

Here is the tricky part, by monitoring your weight loss program, it doesn’t mean you should get obsessed with scales. Because scale tipping in your favor takes time. Fist just observe, how you feel. How is your stress level. Do you find getting up easy? Do your steps feel lighter. If the answer is yes, be happy with that for a start. Instead of paying attention to scales, pay attention to your body and listen how it talks.

    Reset Your Weight Loss Goals

If you are not making headway in your weight loss goals after a considerable period of time, then probably you need to reset your goals. Talk to your trainer and physician. Brainstorm with them, what is going wrong and why. Everyone is unique. What might works for others may not work for you. So try to find out, what is effective for you. Rethink and make another strategy.


Why Diet Programs Fail?

People are often lured into various diet programs that promise a bikini body in a specified time. But failure rate of such diet programs are high. Stats say about 95% of people who lose weight by dieting will regain it in 1-5 years. This experience can be quite frustrating. So what are the causes of failure of diet programs?

    Non Practical: What diet programs or experts sitting there design for you individually is quite impractical. For a short term you can look into your diet chart and eat the same food for few months or if you are too determined then lets say it, for few years. But you can not look into your diet chart all the time and eat same food again and again for a lifetime. We all exit in a fluid environment, not in some tightly designed chambers shunning all outside influences. So sooner or later you are going to chuck that diet chart designed by experts exclusively for you. And when you do that, you know you will gain all of your pounds back and with interest.
    Forbidden Foods: Dietitians often put certain foods out of bound. That immediately triggers carvings for such foods and people often end up feeling miserable while on a diet. Though taking away bacon, chips, sodas, chocolate cookies, ice creams, cakes, pastries and brownies are very effective way of losing weight. But its not sustainable over a period of time. Here the key is not to avoid your favorite food but restrict it to certain occasions and portions.
    Fat Never Burns: Yes, that’s true. You can never burn your fat cells. They will reside in your body all the time. When you exercise and diet, fat cells merely shrunk and empty their fat contents but they don’t go away. They lie there waiting for you to revert back to your original diet so they get filled up again and you are back to your original size! So all the more reasons to make a lifestyle changes than sign up for glamorous diet programs. The Worst Diets Ever: Diets That Don’t Work

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